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Council tax

Find out how to pay your council tax and how to apply for discounts, exemptions and reductions and view your valuation bands.

Council Tax Support

Read our plans, policies and strategies that relate to Council Tax Support

Council Tax Reductions

A very limited fund to give extra help to those having problems paying their council tax.

Appeal a council tax decision

Find out what you need to do if you think that a decision we've made is wrong.

Who should pay Council Tax

Find out who is responsible for paying the council tax charge for a property.

When are you responsible for council tax

Find out when you are responsible for paying council tax if you are a landlord.

Working Age Council Tax reduction

Find out more about reducing your Council Tax bill if you are of working age and how to claim.

Pay your Council Tax bill

Find out how you can pay and check your bill including paying online and setting up a Direct Debit or Standing Order.

Pension age council tax support

Find out more about reducing your Council Tax bill if you are of pension age.

View your Council Tax account

Find out how to view your Council Tax account in My Torbay.

Dwellings exempt from Council Tax payment

Part of the empty homes policy for Torbay.

Council Tax Exemption for Care Leavers Policy

Read the policy for council tax exemption for young people leaving care.

Appendix 3 - Properties exempt from paying Council Tax

Part of the empty homes policy for Torbay.

Can you get pension age council tax support?

Find out more about how pension age Council Tax Support is worked out.

What to do if you disagree with a Council Tax Support decision

What to do if you think you're not receiving the correct amount of Council Tax Support.

Discretionary Housing Payments (DHP) and Council Tax Discretionary awards

Extra help with housing costs for people who receive Housing Benefit or Universal Credit for housing costs and with Council Tax (normally for people who get Council Tax Support)

HMRC tax checks

Find out how to obtain an HMRC tax check code

Prevention of the Facilitation of Tax Evasion Policy

This Policy has the support of Senior Officers and Members of the Council.


Find out about applying for a reduction in council tax if an apprentice lives with you.


Find out about applying for a reduction in council tax if a property is unoccupied and used for charitable purposes.